Where to eat churros in Empuriabrava?

It’s almost obligatory that when anyone goes to Spain, they must try churros. However, if you’re in Catalonia, you might be looking for the best place to eat them. So, the best option is to eat churros in Empuriabrava; for this reason, we’ll give you some tips to find the most delicious churros in this town.

The best place to eat churros in Empuriabrava

Churros with chocolate are delicious and have been made in a large part of Spain for hundreds of years. They are ideal for breakfast, as they are very traditional and popular. If you want to eat churros in Empuriabrava, a highly recommended option is the Bistró Montserrat restaurant located in Empuriabrava.

Like much of Spanish cuisine, churros have regional characteristics and variations. Thicker porras are more commonly found in Madrid and the Andalusian region.

In Granada, they also have a variant that’s more buttery and with egg, called tejeringo. But eating churros in Empuriabrava, Bistró Montserrat is one of the best options because it has the different existing variations of churros.

If you haven’t tried them yet or you’re craving them, don’t hesitate to visit Bistró Montserrat.