Where to eat a delicious potato omelette in Empuriabrava?

If you find yourself in Girona and are looking for a place to enjoy regional flavors, it’s essential to visit the Bistró Montserrat restaurant, where you’ll find the best dishes from Empuriabrava, including the traditional potato omelette, a renowned dish of Spanish cuisine.

Origins and history of the potato omelette

To understand the origins and history of this traditional Spanish dish, it’s necessary to know the origin of its main ingredient: potatoes. Potatoes were brought from America during the colonization period, meaning that before that, they were not consumed in Europe.

In fact, potatoes were not considered a particularly interesting food item brought from America; many Spaniards viewed them as a supplement with little nutritional value and weren’t sure what to do with them. However, they did provide a feeling of satiety and were quite economical.

Therefore, the potato omelette was invented as a solution to satisfy hunger during the Carlist Wars, especially to feed the troops during battles. Like in other wars, the economic situation was complex, and there was a need for cheap and nutritious food that would be ideal for sustaining troops.

Thus, the potato omelette became the quintessential dish during periods of economic progress. Today, it’s a sophisticated dish that you can try at any restaurant, although you’ll hardly find a potato omelette with a better flavor than the one at Bistró Montserrat in Empuriabrava.