The Mixed Plate. The Most Popular Dish on the Costa Brava

For many years in Spain, the mixed plate has carved out a significant place in coastal areas like the Costa Brava. It’s one of the most sought-after dishes during the holidays for people from all around Europe and the world.

Today, mixed plates have achieved higher quality and variety in preparation, offering combinations to suit all tastes.

Quality mixed plates

We can find a great variety of mixed plates containing vegetables, meats, fish, legumes, with the correct amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats… providing the necessary nutrients to keep us energized throughout the day, ideal for enjoying our holidays. Eating like at home away from home is priceless.

Mixed plates come in many varieties

Yes, nowadays the mixed plate has acquired numerous variations and many preparations that can leave you enamored. Some of the most charming mixed plates we can find include grilled sausage, beef steak, grilled skewers, roast chicken with side dishes, or oven-baked sea bream, among many other options within our reach. These dishes are delicious and nutritious whether enjoyed for lunch or dinner.

French fries remain one of the crucial ingredients of mixed plates, but imagine the number of combinations that can exist alongside French fries, their respective protein, and some vegetables. What are you waiting for? Discover the flavor of a mixed plate.

Where to eat a good mixed plate?

At Restaurant Bistro Monserrat, near the sea, cozy and family-friendly with delicious mixed plates.